World SME Conference and My Moments Around It!

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It is not easy to find Dr Jagdish Sheth’s time, even if it is just one minute. On the sidelines of Milagrow World SME Conference,  I succeeded in getting more than a minute. Last I heard him was at Madras Management Association, couple of years back.



Then I actually succeeded in persuading Prof Anil Gupta to pose for this picture. Those of us who have the propensity to use the term ‘innovation’ a dozen times a day would do well to listen to a lecture of Prof Gupta to figure out what innovation actually is. 

These are my jewel moments at the World SME Conference 2009, which I shall cherish for several years.

A unique idea goes into execution

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A great conference shapes up, inch-by-inch, and reaches close to the D-Day. I am refering to Milagrow World SME Conference coming week in New Delhi ( Dec 16-17, 2009 actually). Incidentally, my alma-mater IMT Ghaziabad is an academic partner at this conference and we have done some amazing amount of work together at Milagrow IMT Ghaziabad MSME Center of Excellence. Makes me feel good.


Government representatives representing policy makers component of the MSME ecosystem, academicians who matter, and industry stalwarts who have seen it all. That, incidentally includes my CEO, Rajeev Karwal, who feels very strongly on MSME issues, and is always full of data and softer inputs in an argument that it is difficult to win from him! Besides, there is Anu Aga, Raman Roy, Rajesh Jain, Sanjeev Bikhchandani, SMB Nation’s Harry Brelsford, Prof Jagdish Sheth(I could’t take his autograph on his book in Chennai, let me try again!), Prof Anil Gupta of IIM A who is synonymous with the grassroots innovation movement in India. Besides, journalists such as Manvi Dhillon, Shereen Bhan, Chetan Sharma and so on.

My colleague Nishant put this presentation up on SlideShare. Should you be interested in knowing more about this conference, please feel free to the event microsite – I rather feel you should – even if you are thousands of miles away from Delhi, where we are hosting this edition of the conference.

Never Tired of Reading about Social Media

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Especially, when it happens to be about how organisations are getting affected. This one is from McKinsey Quarterly and answers questions on social media that managements would like want to know about. And in line with the state of things, the ‘ground bottom’ of the organisations know much more about what is being spoken in this video and, neither even care about some of the points here. But if you are the ‘management’ layer, do hit the play button to listen to MIT’s Andrew McAfee.

Well, if you cannot see the video, sorry, I am doing what McKinsey asked me to do. So what if the result is not there!

Discounts Don’t Work …Always

प्रकाशित किया गया नवम्बर 20, 2009 द्वारा Rajesh Kumar
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Just see the picture below and think if you ever saw a bigger discount before. I had not, till I saw this in Gurgaon few days back. This is one of the busy malls at MG Road. However, the large discount seem to attract no footfalls.

DSC00974 In fact, the attendants inside were busy chatting as there was no customer inside.







Learning: Never discount your brand like this, won’t get you any customers.

Pranav Mistry at TEDIndia: You rock!

प्रकाशित किया गया नवम्बर 20, 2009 द्वारा Rajesh Kumar
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Let me admit this – I never heard of Pranav Mistry before. However, the simplicity with which he presented his Sixth Sense technology at TEDIndia recently is an absolute stunner. Someone forwarded me this link and I watched this several times already. There are many people with several disruptive ideas and innovations, however, demonstrating their relevance to everyday touch-points is something to be truly seen and felt via this presentation. Due to Youtube duration limitations, the presentation is in two parts. Total duration is less than 15 minutes and you must watch this, even if you know nothing about technology.


The technology is called Sixth Sense, and in Pranav’s words, connects the real to the digital. It has some pretty amazing applications already.


Pranav, your presentation has left a promise.We wait for it to be fulfilled soon. And by the way, you rock!

How haughty can one get about competition

प्रकाशित किया गया नवम्बर 4, 2009 द्वारा Rajesh Kumar
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It is daily that one finds car companies comparing their upcoming car and ‘any other thing on wheels’. It is also a common occurrence to find soap and shampoo manufacturers comparing their product and ‘any other ordinary’ product . People in my generation recall the ad with the line ‘adha kilo surf kisi aur sadharan powder ke ke ek kilo barabar hota hai’. Bike companies in India have long done feature-to-feature competition with competition products for ages.

It is one thing to call your competition as ‘any other’ or common (‘sadharan’ in Hindi). Basically the objective in such communications is three fold. One, to show product superiority. Two, to show that the competition as a commodity. Three, not to allow competition any visibility at your cost.

But to call your competition fake?! I find it rather strange that an purported original, which actually came into being (or purported prominence) after the purported original (rumoured or alleged), reportedly calls the purported fake as fake?! Leaves you clueless?

It is quite a known fact that Zoho is among the most promising and closely watched SAAS based service provider for desktop services(and elements of enterprise services, just a bit of it). It is also among those that came into being before even Google Docs was launched. But it is being called fake! The purported original, to the best of my understanding, largely existed in a much different form and shape, though at one level they do compete for the same space. How about calling the pizza fake because the corn exists! And Microsoft’s pizza, though fresh and nice smelling, came after Zoho’s office productivity suite had celebrated its birthdays. So it is what, a fake based on another fake’s success, or a fake based on the implied original?

Some someone invented a writing instrument, say, a pencil. And another one invented another, entirely different in concept and ideas, let’s say, a pen. So, by the above logic, the pen is a fake pencil. And the guy who invented the computer printer is an absolute thief!Wow!!

Sridhar Vembu of Zoho is understandably ballistic. And look at Zoho’s creative (and humorous response to Microsoft).

Indian Railways is Part of Ministry of Civil Aviation

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I normally do not read mundane notices, but this one somehow came in front of me couple of days back. There was a train accident near Mathura few days back, and I started reading this out of curiosity. Read this one carefully. This notification actually seems to suggest that the railways is part of Ministry of Civil Aviation.Ouch!

On another note, it also says how much of detail our official babudom can handle.